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Puffin and Whale Watching by boat

This tour is specially built around everything the bay of Reykjavík has to offer. Whether it is the fantastic view of the city, the islands and birds on the bay or the majestic whales in Faxaflói.  This is approximately a two and a half hour tour where we will be sailing far out to sea where sightings of whales are most likely. This tour offers the possibility to see whales such as orcas, humpbacks, dolphins or minke whales. Our vessel Tíi will get us there fast but in a luxurious manner offering great viewpoints aboard. These creatures can be playful and curious giving us the opportunity to see them up close or from a far, we never know. This tour is a great joy, guided in English and free for children.

Reykjavík by boat

On this tour you will enjoy approximately an hour and a half of sailing in the bay of Reykjavik featuring birds such as beautiful Puffins and other nature phenomena, reveling in the fantastic view of the city, the islands on the bay and the majestic mountains surrounding Reykjavik. Sailing on an old, stable wooden boat is the ideal family outing where you will experience the quiet, peaceful beauty of Iceland’s nature. The city tour from the sea on the oak boat Lundi gives you an insight of Reykjavík from a different perspective and can be enjoyed in a combination with other excursions, and as a part of a day tour in the lively city of Reykjavík. This tour is guided in English and free for children.

Puffin Watching by boat

The Atlantic puffin is the main attraction of the tour. These birds are beautiful especially in the summer. They develop the iconic red and blue beak before breeding season and shed parts of it again come autumn. It is a social bird and is commonly found in large colonies such as can be found in the islands around Reykjavik. The puffin is a seabird and spends most of the year far away from land out in the open water. They fly to land only to breed and we have the pleasure of having puffins in Reykjavik from the middle of May to the end of August. This English guided tour is approximately one hour giving great photo opportunities of the birds. Free for children.


Private Tours by boat

Our vessels can be rented with a crew and facilities for special events such as birthday parties, stag parties, pre-dinner cocktails with live music, photo tours, romantic evening tours or special tours for friends, families or colleagues. If you would just prefer to take our regular tours privately with you and yours that can also be arranged. These are just a few examples of what our vessels have been booked for in the past. We love these kinds of tours and will gladly help with the planning and will do our utmost to make the tour unforgettable. For further information and pricing please contact us.

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I chose not to book ahead upon arriving in Iceland and found several tours available in the Harbor area. Most were geared towards Puffins and Whale watching. This one seemed to offer a tour of Reykjavik by boat with some puffin watching thrown in as well. In fact. We followed the puffin tour boat out towards the viewing area where there were few puffins to be found.
I’m glad I avoided the puffin only tour, I’d have been disappointed, and with their glossy photos they attract lots of kids. Even the. smaller boats that promise to get you closer probably don’t see many..

Visited July 2016
“Great for adults looking for a nice boat tour.”

Did this on the spur of the moment after our Whale watching trip. Well worth it, informative trip around the harbour stopping off at the islands in the harbour to watch the Puffins up close.

Visited July 2016
“Puffin tour”

Went for a tour mainly bcs if puffins, didn’t see many, but the tour itself was nice. Old oak boat, knowledgeable guide and beautiful weather. I recommend this activity for those seeking for puffins + smt extra. Besides it coasts cheaper, than puffin express 😉

Visited August 2016
“Nice Rvk sightseeing tour”

Main agenda item was to see some puffins. We did but not a lot, not the boats fault. We were given good binoculars which really helped. Cruising through the open waters you got an idea how big Reykjavik is. From the water, you have some great new perspectives looking at Mt Esja, the Yoko Ono peace memorial, the glistening windows of the Harpa Center, the Sun Voyager statue/children’s climbing structure, a famous Icelandic ,Obie producer’s water front home, and harbor views all while being given an oral tour by our guide.

“Pleasant cruise with the wind in my your hair”