About Us

Reykjavik by Boat is a group of people, dedicated to offer a secure and enjoyable tours at sea around Reykjavik. Our aim is to provide a personal service and a calm atmosphere so that your time with us will be both memorable and fun. Staying true to our aim we offer trips on smaller vessels giving everybody a close-up scenery to our attractions.

The main attractions in our boat tours is bird watching, especially puffins which have been nesting on the islands around Reykjavík for years. The new perspective of seeing Reykjavík from the sea, the islands on the bay and the majestic mountains surrounding the city. And finally, whale watching in Faxaflói, giving you a breathtaking scenery of these creatures in the wild. The sheer size of them continue to amaze even our experienced skippers. 

Reykjavik by Boat was founded in 2009 and in the year after the company started only a few puffins could be seen on the islands but today you can see a large group of them nesting in the islands. We, however, noticed that our passengers were not only interested in the birds, but also in seeing Reykjavík from the sea. The year after we decided to sail along the coast with a guide. Since then we have committed to evolve and listen to our passengers offering tours that continue to interest without forgetting our aims.


Company details:

Lundey ehf.
ID number:  420609-0430

VAT number: 126599

Phone: +354 841 2030

The Old harbor - Ægisgarður 9
101 Reykjavik